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Big Brother, which began in 2000, has become an annual tradition for fans; every summer they are treated to new houseguests, new challenges, and new evictions! Here's how the game works: each week, there is a Head of Household challenge, where all of the players compete for the power in the house. The HoH then nominates two other houseguests for eviction. Several days later, a Power of Veto competition is held, where six players (the HoH, the nominees, and three guests) attempt to win the Golden Power of Veto, which gives the bearer the power to "veto," or cancel, one of the HoH's nominations, forcing the HoH to nominate someone else (other than the Veto bearer) for eviction. Then, in the we... (more)ekly live eviction, the houseguests vote to send someone out of the house for good. Along the way are Luxury competitions and Food contests (which, if the houseguests do not win, results in PB&J for the week), all leading up to the show's finale, where a panel of sequestered jurors vote for a winner, who receives half a million dollars!

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Season 16 Episode 13 - Episode #13 - Power of Veto Competition #4 - Day #29

Air date : Today at 8:00 PM

On tonight’s 13th episode of the season the 4th Power of veto competition will be held with the current HoH their 2 nominees for eviction and 3 other houseguests chosen at random.

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Season 16 Episode 12 - Episode #12 - HoH Comp #4, Part 2, Nominations #4 & Battle of the Block Comp #4 - Day #26

Aired on July 20, 2014

On night #26 in the house we will see Part 2 of the 4th HoH competition, the 4th nominations ceremony of the season will be held. Team America receives their 2nd assignment of the... (more) season. Also tonight the 4 nominated houseguests for eviction will compete as teams of 2 against each other in the 4th “Battle of the Block” competition of the season.

Season 16 Episode 11 - Episode #11 - Live Eviction #3, HoH Comp #4, Part 1 - Day #23

Aired on July 17, 2014

On yesterday’s episode the “Power of Veto” competition was held. Did the “Bomb Squad” accomplish there objective to win the Veto, remove a nominee on the Block and put up Devin in... (more) their place? Tonight we see the results of the “Power of Veto” competition from last night and the 3rd eviction ceremony of the season will be conducted live. Later on in the show the 4th HoH competition will be held to crown 2 new houseguests as HoH’s.

Season 16 Episode 10 - Episode #10 - Power of Veto Competition #3 - Day #22

Aired on July 16, 2014

On Sunday night’s 9th episode of the season Donny & Amber won the “Battle of the Block” competition thanks to a little help from Caleb who moved very slowly during the competition.... (more) That removed them from the Block and they are now safe from eviction for the entire week should someone decide to use the “Power of Veto”. They also dethroned the HoH that had put them on the Block who was Nicole. Another stipulation that was added on to last nights’ competition was that the HoH that was dethroned must wear a Frog outfit for 1 full week. At the very end of the show Nicole mysteriously disappeared in a huge puff of smoke. The other houseguests were totally astounded that this had happened and they looked all over for her with no success. Some of them asked each other if she had really disappeared? On tonight’s episode Nicole will reappear as suddenly as she disappeared but wearing her Frog costume. Also on tonight’s episode the 3rd Power of veto competition will be held with the current HoH who is Derrick and his 2 nominees for eviction Caleb and Jocasta and 3 other houseguests at random. Derrick and the rest of the members of the “Bomb Squad” are in hopes that they can win and use the Veto to remove one of the current nominees so they can be replaced with Devin.

Season 16 Episode 9 - Episode #9 - Nominations #3 & Battle of the Block Comp #3 - Day #19

Aired on July 13, 2014

The 3rd set of Nominations for the season are revealed tonight and since there are currently 2 HoH's each one must select 2 houseguests for elimination. The 4 houseguests then must... (more) compete against each other as teams 2 against 2 in the 3rd ever “Battle of the Block” competition. The winning team of 2 is then removed from the chopping Block and they become exempt from eviction for the week should someone use the Veto to remove someone from the Block. They also cause the HoH that nominated them for eviction to be automatically be dethroned as an HoH leaving only 1 HoH and then the dethroned HoH becomes eligible for eviction should 1 of the remaining nominees be taken off the block during the next “Power of Veto” ceremony. Also on tonight’s show “Team America” was given their very 1st assignment of the season. The assignment chosen by America was for them to spread a rumor in the house that one of the houseguests is related to a former player in the game. They agreed that they would say that Zach was related to Amanda Zuckerman from Big Brother 15. They agreed that he kinda favored her appearance and that they were both outspoken and they both were from Florida. Their mission to spread this rumor begins on the very next episode on Wednesday night.

Season 16 Episode 8 - Episode #8 - Live Eviction #2, HoH Comp #3 & the final 2 TeamAmerica members are revealed - Day #16

Aired on July 10, 2014

On last night’s episode the current HoH Devin won the "Power of Veto" competition. He had promised Brittany after a long talk they had in private in his HoH room that he would use... (more) the Veto on her. He did keep his promise and removed Brittany and then he replaced her with 1 of the “Bomb Squad” members in Zach. He put Zach on the Block because they had a house meeting last night and Zach told everyone he was after Devin and would try to get him evicted next week. Tonight is the 2nd Live Eviction episode of the summer and the 3rd HOH competition is also held to determine the next 2 HOH's. Finally since the 1st member of “Team America” in Joey was voted out last week two new members of this secret alliance will be revealed to the studio audience and the viewers at home.


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