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Watch Confessions: Animal Hoarding

From the producers of the hit series Intervention comes a new one-of-a-kind series, Animal Planet's CONFESSIONS: ANIMAL HOARDING, an unflinchingly honest look at a human condition that affects people and animals. Animal hoarding is defined as a compulsive need to possess and control animals. It has no official psychological diagnosis or treatment and, in most cases, the problem is not addressed until it becomes a crime...until now.

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Season 3 Episode 12 - Junkyard Dogs

Aired on February 10, 2012

A woman with multiple cats has a colorful past; a recidivist hoarder secretly keeps dogs in a junkyard.

Season 3 Episode 11 - Pack of 38 Dogs

Aired on February 03, 2012

A single dad has pythons; a medical worker secretly keeps a hoard of dogs.

Season 3 Episode 10 - Thank God for (My) Pitbulls!

Aired on January 27, 2012

A woman is adamant about keeping more than one hundred cats; a former minister's flock now consists of dogs.

Season 3 Episode 9 - I Live in a Kennel

Aired on January 20, 2012

A would-be breeder of Boodles, a cross between a bulldog and a poodle, is overwhelmed; a home remolder winds up living in a kennel.

Season 3 Episode 8 - Rats

Aired on January 13, 2012

A young woman identifies with rats. An 82-year-old clings to the dream of a destitute dog rescue.

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