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Roach Coach

Struggling to keep their wits about them, contestants in this episode have to endure being bound and locked in a cage that is slowly submerged underwater while their teammate has to dive in and struggle to free them before they run out of air. At the aptly named “Fear Factor Food Truck,â€? teammates are forced to eat a box lunch of live cockroach... (more)es and giant grasshoppers, accompanied by a side dish of rat hair chips and a special salsa topped with maggots. In the final stunt, one team member must leap back and forth from a swerving bus to a trailing car driven by his/her partner, in a timed race to retrieve flags the fastest. One team will remain standing and claim the $50,000 cash prize.. You can watch Fear Factor (US) S07E05 here.

Air date: January 09, 2012 on NBC at 9:00 PM

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