Watch Hannah Montana S04E13

Watch Hannah Montana S04E13

Wherever I Go

Miley gets a movie deal which will take a year away from her, making her incapable of going to college with her best friend. She keeps this from Lilly and tries to get Lilly to come to the decision of not wanting to go to college with Miley. Lilly, however, is just happy to be able to go to school with her best friend. Finally Miley reveals the mov... (more)ie deal to Lilly and they fight. Meanwhile, Jackson struggles to keep up with his girlfriend's lifestyle, as he feels inadequate in comparison. Distraught, Miley and Jackson discuss their dilemmas. Jackson suggests that Miley should have asked for Lilly to join her in Paris. Miley realizes that is exactly what she should have done. Miley and Jackson hug, and Robby declares it a touching moment for him. Miley then asks for Lilly to come with her to Paris and they both decide to go to Paris together. Rico finds Jackson a dream job, and Rico and Jackson finally reveal that while they may fight, they are also close friends. Later, at Jackson's office Siena comments on how unsettling the banter between Jackson and Miley can be to hear, but Jackson explains to her that he has grown accustomed to it. Miley and Lilly's respective boyfriends meet up with them at the airport to see them before their trip. Oliver gives Lilly some key words which force her to second guess her decision. Before getting onto the plane, Lilly tells Miley that she has decided to go to college after all, even if it means being without Miley. Miley and Lilly begin their lives apart backed by a duet sung by the two actresses. The music eventually centers in Lilly's dorm where she gets a knock on her door. She opens the door to reveal Miley, who declares "I'm Miley, your new roommate." The two hug, and then a montage of images from the course of the show is displayed throughout the credits.. You can watch Hannah Montana S04E13 here.

Air date: January 16, 2011 on Disney Channel at 12:00 PM

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Season 4 Episode 12
Air date: January 09, 2011 on Disney Channel
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