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This show follows Marina, Kiki, Twist, and Shout who are in a band who go to music school together and love to sing and dance and go on adventures!

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Children, Educational, Music



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Season 3 Episode 20 - Yo! Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba!

Aired on June 08, 2012

Twist accidentally gives everyone a snow day.

Season 3 Episode 19 - Keepin' It Green

Aired on April 20, 2012

Kiki auditions to be the lead in a new ballet.

Season 3 Episode 18 - Royal Wedding

Aired on February 10, 2012

The Fresh Beats audition for a dance festival but don't make the cut. So they seek help from the mysterious Laughing Dance Master who trains them with some really odd tasks!

Season 3 Episode 17 - The Fresh Bots

Aired on December 09, 2011

When Harper hosts an all-night dance contest at the Singing Pizza CafĂ©, the Fresh Beats get ready to show off their latest moves to win the grand prize! They revisit their favorite... (more) music videos as the contest goes on all night.

Season 3 Episode 16 - Bollywood Beats

Aired on December 02, 2011

The Fresh Beats are going to rock the half-time show at the Junior Beats' first basketball game against the Mighty Lions. There's only one problem: the Mighty Lions can't make the ... (more)game! However the Fresh Beats come to the rescue by competing against the Juniors!

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